Next Generation Unmanned Flight

DroBot S1

Fully Autonomous Indoor Drone Fleet. Everywhere. All the Time.

Our company specializing in unconventional robotic systems equipped with cutting-edge sensing to collect critical data in GPS-denied, dangerous and difficult to reach areas. Our goal is to eliminate manned entry into dangerous, hazardous and difficult to reach environments. We build unconventional robots that can operate in the most challenging and most dangerous environments across all industries to solve a myriad of problems. We combine the advantages of innovative technology and human mobility
to provide AI operated security system of the highest standard

Sensing & Intelligence

The DroBot S1 comes equipped with some of the best autonomous capabilities in the industry, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon integrated with real time video analytics and a suite of cutting edge sensors including 3D LiDAR. We’ve made sure that you won’t have to sacrifice powerful intelligence for size and safety.

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