Interlock Hospitality

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Hello There!
I'm Jessy! and I'm the digital concierge for the hotel
From ordering Room Service to making restaurant Reservations, and in every other possible way, Serving our guests is what I do best.
Oh wait, one of our guests is ordering some room service
The order is taken and Alyx is already at it. She'll deliver it in no time! Oh wait, I forgot to introduce her to you.
Alyx, the delivery robot
She's my best friend too. She's always happy to meet and serve new guests everyday by delivering their orders to their doorstep.
Having lots of space in her three trays, she can store tons of stuff in her belly. But don't call her fat though, she may not take it too well!
She knows the hotel like the back of her hand, thanks to her Autonomous Navigation capabilities. Being fast and agile as well, she can Avoid any Obstacles on her way.
Wondering where she's going next to complete her order? Let's follow her to find out.
Lily provides the required items to Alyx for her order. As our Vending Machine, she stores all the required supplies and items for when the guests need them.
However, do note that she's quite shy and reserved. She only opens up to her sister, Alyx, that too, only to dispense the items for that order.
She's basically a store room for Alyx, … but don't tell her I said that. You might hurt her feelings, as she's quite sensitive after all.
Even as she delivers her order to her guests, Alyx is always cautious and on her toes, permitting only that person to receive the order and no one else. She achieves this using OTPs as authentication, thus making her delivery incredibly Secure, on top of already being Fast and Reliable.
After a long, tiring day of hard work, she rewards herself by Recharging at the Docking Station, where she can finally get some rest.
I'm docking station


While she does all the work, I'm still the one who gives her the orders. So, let's not forget who's the boss around here.
Hey! Watch it buddy!
I'll get you back next time!
Yeah, Bell Bot can be like that sometimes, but only because he's really sincere in his work as the Porter Robot. He's probably on his way to help his next guest with their luggage.
See, didn't I tell you so?. He's unloading the guest's luggage ,as we speak, to carry it down to the lobby for them. He loves helping people so much that he can't stand to watch anyone carry heavy loads by themselves.
Of course, just like Alyx, he's smart and quick on his feet so that he can Travel Autonomously, while avoiding any obstacles on the way.
All eyes are on him, all the time; he loves that he's always the Center of Attention wherever he goes. Using his large TV screen, he displays Ads and other Marketing Content that connects directly with the consumer's heart.
Why does he dock at the reception, so close to the front door? It's all so that he can tend to the next guest right as they walk in, immediately, within the press of a button. He's just that eager to jump into action at any moment to serve them.
At the end of the day, they all argue to me about who did a better job of pleasing the guests. How silly those robots are, they must have a few screws or nuts loose in their chassis. Lol. Of course, needless to say, I am the best and definitely better than them all at ensuring our guests' comfort and satisfaction.
We're all one big family here and being robots, our specialty is in that we never get bored serving people with limitless energy, endless enthusiasm and heartfelt joy. Even though we aren't human, we take pride when we express our deepest love and care to you, as much as you'll receive from any person you've ever met.