Singapore Navy

Developed Virtual Reality (VR) gaming based application for Republic of Singapore Navy, which will simulate realistic sea traffic conditions with scenarios developed to hone the situational awareness and decision-making skillsets of the user. Trainee’s decision-making skills can be set to evaluation in computer generated scenarios where realistic problems are simulated.
  • Unreal Engine
  • Real Time Scenario
  • Army Users
  • Advance Tools
VR Training for Fire Safety

Fire Safety Training

Virtual Reality safety training that provides firefighter/ security officer/common person with an effective training system for tactical firefighting techniques and types of fire. Virtual reality fire and safety training offer a high level of practicality of extinguisher using, understanding cause and type of fire. It is a perfect solution that enables trainees to gain critical knowledge of fire behavior. Going with virtual reality training helps the trainee to get Interactive action-oriented learning for better and quicker learning. It is Portable with a short set up time and reduces training costs. Safety training VR, for high-risk situations that cannot be trained live

Education AR Tracking with AI

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